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Sky Mountain Institute was founded in 1981 as a nonprofit corporation. The present programs have grown out of many years of experience in working with children and families in experiential learning programs and in mental health settings. Its first project, Sky Mountain Life School, was an elementary school based on creativity, bonding with nature, and supporting the child's emerging Self. The program was further refined and articulated through the 15 years of experience, research, and teaching in Developmental Psychology, Child and Adolescent Psychology, Expressive Arts, and Creativity Studies at the post-graduate level. We continue to pursue educational avenues for combining the creative arts, depth psychology, and ecological community work.

Deborah Armstrong Hickey received a Certificate in Expressive Arts Therapies from the Sky Mountain Institute and sits as a Board Member of the organization.

2842 Country Club Dr., Escondido, CA 92029

Phone: (760) 724-7692 | Email:


Anne Hanley’s Testimonial… 

I have known Deborah for almost twenty years now as a colleague and as a friend. Deborah was recognized as one of the genuinely creative and  gifted clinicians in the San Diego professional community. Deborah’s work was inspirational to her students, her clients, and her supervisees here. She continues to bring an unusual marriage of head and heart, science and art, walking the tension between polarities with an ease that is  exemplary. Deborah is grounded in what is relational and heartfelt, though she is equally devoted to challenging her own development and growth through enduring questioning and curiosity. Deborah’s Centre, The MindGarden, engages individuals, couples, and groups in work that promotes preferred change in ways that are deep, transformative, and satisfying.


Laura Mitchell’s Testimonial…

I have known Deborah Armstrong Hickey for over two decades in a number of capacities including as a clinical colleague, a teacher, and as a friend. 

Deborah has many strengths and interests, and is devoted to development in both her personal and professional life. Deborah is able to bring together both head and heart in her work and is exceptionally conscious of making sure that she is aware of research developments in her areas of specialty, which include interpersonal neurobiology, developmental psychology, sleep and dreams, trauma and memory, child and family therapy, and studies in consciousness.  

I have known Deborah to be an outstanding university instructor who is both creative and well-informed. She has orchestrated directed, and taught in two Post-Graduate Certificate programs (in Play Therapy and in Art Therapy). Both of these programs met the accreditation requirements for their respective associations.  

Deborah is bright., energetic, and tenacious. Her communication skills and abilities to not only develop ideas, but also work with other to see them come to life, are exceptional.  

Her work in this practice provides her an opportunity to extend her endeavors into what is deeply inspired and is lovingly tended. Sky Mountain Institute is pleased to be affiliated with the MindGarden and we look forward to watching the development of this relationship unfold. .